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Our Services

Liquidbandwidth offers many design and information services, ranging from branding to 3D Design. Further to that, Liquidbandwidth is a turnkey design solution for entrepreuners wanting to start a new project or business from scratch. We provide all the liasing, branding, social media and web-related services in order to get you up and running.

Graphic Design

Every business needs an identity - here you can take a look at how we transform a business into a brand. Your branding is a representation of not only what your business is, but also what you always envisioned it to be.

Liquidbandwidth Design creates brands that tell the world “this is who we are” and “this is what we are going to do for you”.

A business is nothing without the mind that started it, however, and so your personality colours the outcome in every single way. Branding is about getting your prospects to see you as the only business that provides the perfect solution to their problem. From logos to email footers, it's important to create your company's identity both in print and online.

Web Design

Web Design isn't just a job to us, it's our way of making beautiful, sophisticated and dynamic places for businesses to be proud of.

How certain are you that your website is a coded representation of your business?

Here, at Liquidbandwidth, we like to think that every business, no matter the size, deserves a website worth bragging about.

A website is more than just an address typed into your browser, it's a place where your business makes its digital home. People click into your website and they're digitally stepping into your office.

Does your business have the website it deserves? Is your digital home worth bragging about?

3D Design

The art of creating images, diagrams and animations, from ideas, to communicate a message, represent information or to bring a creation to life.

If you can imagine it, we can bring it to life.

3D Visualisation is a state-of-the-art design service that we are very proud of and passionate about.

This is a very efficient and cost effective way to provide a realistic mock-up of a product, building or interior space as well as to describe the space before implementation. We are constantly learning and exploring new trends and techniques to provide our clients with a better and faster 3D Visualisation service. Visualization is the most effective way to communicate both abstract and concrete ideas in a way that is both visually appealing and technically accurate. With a specialised setup, we minimise production time, thus minimising costs.

IT Sales & Maintenance

Our IT department is an important part of Liquidbandwidth as a whole, as it covers the software and hardware maintenance within the business itself.

Our systems have to be up to date and functioning at optimum capacity in order for us to provide the highest quality work to our clients. Following this train of thought, we decided to expand on these skills and provide them to our current and potentials clients as well.

As a result, we now deal through our suppliers to sell them the best personal computers and other digital assistants in order for their businesses to experience the same level of efficiency as we do.

Due to the high skill level of our IT department, we also provide repair and maintenance services - to those who experience problems with their software or hardware - at highly competitive prices.