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About Us

Liquidbandwidth Design & IT Solutions is a Graphic Design business created with the vision to provide clients with everything they need to start, revamp or renew their businesses. We are situated in Lonehill, Johannesburg, the perfect place to work quietly and efficiently - but also to let those creative juices flow.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility - that is to say, our ability to go above and beyond to provide our clients with essentially anything they need. From Design to IT to Marketing to PR to any solution your business may need. We do the research, the work, the optimization, customization and you get peace of mind from the benefits.

Alive and kicking since 2008.

Dirk Opperman

Founder | 3D Designer | IT Specialist

With over 15 years' experience under his belt, Dirk is one incredibly talented and creative leader. He started Liquidbandwidth with the vision to own a business that caters to all of a client's creative and technical needs.

He's also wickedly knowledgeable about anything you care to mention - yes, anything.

Specialist Consultants

Centeine Christison

Digital Marketing, Graphic & Web Design

Centeine designs and maintains creative and brand management accounts. She is passionate about creating and managing brands, with a focus on maintaining a brand's integrity through all marketing and design processes.

Katia Salotto

Financial Advisor

Katia is the financial brains behind the operation. She ensures that all contracts and finance related aspects are up to date and correct. She has over 30 years experience in the field. Katia co-founded Liquidbandwidth with Dirk in 2008.

Johan Dreyer

3D Modeller

Johan took to 3D impressively fast, and has produced incredible, technically accurate builds. With a history in Engineering that has complimented his 3D skills, he is an irreplaceable modeller.

Francois Vorster

3D Modeller

Francois is the decorative modeller the team calls in to populate a 3D space. Once the engineer (Johan) has built a room or structure, Francois populates it with furniture and extras. He has been working in 3D for many years.